Online Testing

Hurst Amateur Radio Club. Online Amateur License Testing

You’ve mastered the materials to get your license or upgrade to the next level, Congratulations!  Here are the things you’ll need to take your license exam online if in person testing isn’t available.

You will need:

  • A computer capable of supporting a zoom session with Video and Audio
    • You can get and test zoom here , you only need the free zoom client.
    • Headphones are not allowed.
    • Multiple Monitors are not allowed.
  • Zoom has to be configured and tested before the test
  • A reliable Internet connection
  • A basic calculator that is not on a phone or other communication device.
  • Government issued Photo ID: Driver’s License or Passport
  • A FCC Federal Registration Number (FRN) and 4 digit access code.
    • Go here to get an FRN and generate a form 605 and access code.
  • If upgrading, You’ll need a copy of your License or Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE).
  • This is a proctored test!
    • You will need a private place, Clear (clean) place to take the test
    • No other people, animals except service animals are allowed.
  • $14.00 for the exam fee, payable through Zelle, Vemo or paypal at ([email protected]) at least 24hr before the exam.
    • Test fee is for 1 session, during which you can take multiple test, time permitting.
      • So long as you pass the prior level and are prepared you can challenge the next level.


  • The room must be private and the test area clear of materials.
    • The test cannot be conducted if these conditions are not met.
  • We are required to monitor the room during the test with both video and sound.
    • The test proctor will ask to see the room before the test. (Web cam or cell phone can be used to show the room.)
    • Web cam must be on and mic on for the entire test session.
  • If testing conditions are violated the test will be stopped and exam fee forfeit.

Day of the test:

  • Be prepared: Have FRN, License, FRN Pin, fully charged batteries, Calculator.
  • 2 hours before test Ensure room is ready, paper work ready, calculator, computer ready.
  • 10 minutes before session start the zoom session, be patient you’ll be admitted to the testing session.
  • Turn off cell phone, better not to have cell phone in room. Cell phone use is prohibited.
  • Take the test
  • Complete post test paperwork.


  • Any additional questions contact Jack Hendrickson by email at [email protected] with a contact phone number.