W5HRC Red Banner Logo_RGBThe HurstARC has three regularly scheduled nets.

  • Every Sunday night, starting at 7:30pm (19:30) on our 147.100+110.9 or 442.850+110.9
  • The third Sunday each month, starting at 7:00pm (19:30) on 146.400 – No Tone
  • A new area net for women by our secretary Carrie, KD5YIZ. This net operates every Sunday night at 8:30pm (20:30), and is to help make ladies on the air feel more comfortable being on the air. It is also a place to discuss technical topics or other items of general interest. It is open for women and guys later in the check-in process. Anyone anywhere can participate. 147.100+100.9
    (Echolink Coming Soon)