Commercial Testing

*** Commercial Test ***

*** Sessions Suspended ***

With the Silent Key of our Commercial Coordinator, Friend, and lifetime member, commercial exams are temporarily suspended for the foreseeable future. Updates will be provided as we move forward. Thank you for understanding.

We do offer commercial radio testing opportunities. They are not given on a regular schedule but instead are scheduled as needed. We are part of the National Radio Examiners and are authorized to test for the following tests:

Exam NameShort NamesCompleted Element(s)
General Radiotelephone Operator LicenseGROL1, 3
Marine Radio Operator PermitMP1
Ship Radar EndorsementNone8
GMDSS Radio Operator's LicenseDO1, 7
GMDSS Radio Maintainer's LicenseDM1, 3, 9
GMDSS Radio Operators and Maintainers License *DB1, 3, 7, & 9.
* DB is a combined license, earned only with the completion of both DO and DM exams.
Updated: 8/2/17

You can find out more about Commercial Radio License Programs here or looking under Part 47 C.F.R, Parts 13.

If you are interested in a commercial licensing test, please contact us using the Contacts page, and select “Testing” from the drop-down. We will contact you and set up a time and location for your test.