Net Controllers

Scheduled Net Control Operators

* The fifth Sunday net will be hosted on our 442.850+110.9 repeater that is also online with Echolink at KM5HT, node 549691
1st SundayDoug LeakeW5HDLAB5XS
2nd SundayCarrie CotterKD5YIZKD5HIY
3rd SundayChris CotterKD5HIYKD5YIZ
4th SundayBeth BallardKG5KDOAB5XS
5th Sunday*Open

2017-2018 Simplex Net Controllers

DateNet Control StationCallsign
Jun 18, 2017Chris CotterKD5HIY
Jul 16, 2017Doug LeakeW5HDL
Aug 20, 2017Bill GrobeKF5OON
Sep 17, 2017Jim DavisAB5XS
Oct 15, 2017Chris CotterKD5HIY
Nov 19, 2017Doug LeakeW5HDL
Dec 17, 2017Jim DavisAB5XS
Jan 21, 2018Doug LeakeW5HDL
Feb 18, 2018Jim DavisAB5XS
Mar 18, 2018Doug LeakeW5HDL
Apr 15, 2018Jim DavisAB5XS
May 20, 2018Doug LeakeW5HDL