Classes & Testing

The Hurst Amateur Radio Club offers quarterly licensing classes, a monthly technical presentation, and a weekly Morse code practice.

For 2017, the licensing class schedule is:

  • 1st Quarter (February) – Technician (2014-2018 question pool)
  • 2nd Quarter (May) – General (2015-2019 question pool)
  • 4th Quarter (October) – Technician (2014-2018 question pool)

Which class is right for you? There are three levels of Amateur Radio licenses.

  • Technician Class (Entry Level) – This is the class you will want to take if you are new to Amateur Radio. This class covers the intro level information that will allow you to test and earn your first license.
  • General Class (Mid-Level) – Take this class only if you currently hold a Technician Class license. This is a class designed to help you upgrade your license class from Technician to General.
  • Extra Class (Expert Level) – While we do not offer Extra level classes, this is the highest level of Amateur Radio license class. The questions are very difficult and highly technical. We do offer testing sessions as needed for the Extra Class license exam.

For the exact dates, visit the Hurst Amateur Radio Club calendar. If you are interested in signing up for one of our classes, go here for the Technician Class Registration or here for the General Class Registration.


Our Technician classes use the Gordon West, WB6NOA, Technician Class 2014-2018, FCC Element 2 Radio License Preparation 8th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0945053798. These are available from the W5YI, Amazon, B&N, etc.

Our General classes use the Gordon West, WB6NOA, General Class 2015-2019, FCC Element 3 Radio License Preparation 9th Edition. ISBN-13: 978-0945053828. These are available from the W5YI, Amazon, B&N, etc.

VE Testing

The Hurst Amateur Radio club offers amateur radio volunteer examiner testing sessions upon request. For more information, contact the VE testing teams directly:

  • ARRL coordinator is Mike Haefner, N5YM,
  • W5YI coordinator is Jack Hendrickson, K5JHH,

You can reach our testing coordinator team by emailing us at .

The VE testing sessions take place at the Hurst EOC at Fire Station #2 (second floor) located at 837 West Pipeline Rd., Hurst, TX.

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Note: The testing location is in a secured area and visitors need to be escorted. Contact W5HRC on the 147.100Mhz (PL 110.9hz) repeater for access or call 817-788-7379 from a cell phone. Do not use the lobby phone as it goes directly to 911.