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New for 2021, HurstARC DMR Net

We are excited to announce the start our the HurstARC DMR net. We will kick this net off starting Sunday, January 3rd, 2021.

The Hurst Amateur Radio Club Monthly DMR Net is a net that is open to anyone, anywhere. All are welcome and encouraged to check-in. This net occurs every month on the first Sunday at 8:00 pm (20:00) on one of the designated club DMR repeaters located in Hurst, Richland Hills, and Bastrop, TX.

Connection information follows:

  • Hurst DMR Repeater – 443.26250MHz, CC1 or
  • Richland Hills Repeater – 440.08750MHz, CC9 or
  • Bastrop DMR Repeater – 440.67500MHz, CC1
  • Talk Group 48778 (Hurst)
  • Time Slot 1

Repeater information can be found here:

If you have questions or have a connection (distant member, historic connection, etc.) to the HurstARC and would like to add this talk group to your repeater, please reach out to our board at and we will work with you to get this set up.

We look forward to hearing you.

Field Day 2020 Changes

In light of the massive jump in Covid-19 cases, the board and field day team are changing the plan for Field Day operation.We will not have stations operating from the Hurst ball fields. The RV station is canceled.

We ask all members who have HF capabilities to operate from their QTH and we invite all members to join a club zoom session which will be up for the 24 hours field day operations are happening. The zoom session URL is: Old Link – Removed

Per ARRL rule changes for 2020 members can submit their log entries and affiliate them with W5HRC when submitting. The ARRL will combine the entries and publish the result for the club. Here is the URL:

Let’s all get on the air for field day starting at 1 PM and operate through Sunday at 2 PM.. Join Zoom for the Group Session and come and go while your operating. Please pass this news to all other members. Protect yourself from Covid-19. Catch you on the Air
John Skier K5SKR

Updated:6/30/2021 – Removed old Zoom link. -CC

2019 Field Day Results

2019 Field Day Results - 3F NTX
QSO Summary
QSO MethodCWDigitalPhoneTotal
Total QSOs499429172
Total Points9818829315
Bonus Points:
Public Location100Hurst EOC
Public Information Table100
Formal Message to ARRL100
Educational Activity100
Social media100Facebook/Twitter
Site Visit100EO - Fire Chief
Site Visit100SA - DHS Officer
Power Source: Generator, Commercial, Battery0
Online Submission50
Total Bonus Points750
Definitions and Additional Information:
EO = Elected Official
SA = Served Agency
*2x Power Multiplier Qualification