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Tech Talk: Personal Emergency Communications

Saturday, April 30th will be a Tech Talk day for HurstARC. Denise Lucas, N5WTK, will be talking about the need for a plan of communications in an emergency. All are invited to attend.
This will also be the beginning lesson of the RACES CE program that Mike, N5YM, Butch, KC5ONZ, Chris, KD5HIY, and the Hurst City Emergency Manager have put together to better serve the City of Hurst when needed.
You can find Denise’s presentation here: Personal Emergency Communications Plan

March/April 2016 Newsletter

It is already time for our next issue of the HurstARC Newsletter. In this issue, we introduce a few new segments. The first called RACES Today brought to you by Butch Seaman, KC5ONZ. If you were wondering what RACES is, Butch does a great job explaining what it is.
This is a fun issue. We have articles titled The Rookie Roundup, The Old Crow, Show Your Shack, and a special interview with “Pappy” Dorsey, K5DSP, that you will enjoy. It will give you an insight to the beginning and early era of our club.
Find this issue of the newsletter here:
HARC Newsletter Mar-Apr 2016
If you would like to submit material for the next issue, send your article to [email protected]