2017 Club Events and Activities

The following is our planned events for 2017. We hope to see you around.



  • February 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th
  • October 3rd, 5th, 10th, 12th


  • May 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th


Business Meetings:

  • 1/16 – 2/20 – 3/20 – 4/17 – 5/15 – 6/19 – 7/17 – 8/21 – 9/18 – 10/16 – 11/20

Regular Board Meetings:

  • 1/10 – 2/14 – 3/14 – 4/11 – 5/9 – 6/13 – 7/11 – 8/8 – 9/12 – 10/10 – 11/14


  • Hurst RACES Spring SET: Sat March 4th


  • HurstARC Family Picnic 5/20


  • Ham-com 6/9, 6/10
  • Field Day 6/24-25


  • Hurst FD Open House 9/30?


  • Hurst RACES Fall SET 10/14
  • JOTA 10/21

November & December:

  • HurstARC “Open House” New Ham Workshop 11/11
  • Tech Talk: Mall Watch 2017, 11/18
  • NE Mall Watch: Start Fri 11/24, 25, 26; 12/2, 3; 12/9, 10; 12/16, 17; 12/23, 24.
  • HurstARC Christmas Party 12/12

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2017 First Quarterly Newsletter

Our next issue of the Hurst Amateur Radio Club Newsletter is here. We have the President’s Musings – Reflecting back on 2016. RACES Today where we talk about SKYWARN, what it is and what it is for. Followed by Upcoming Events, Back to Basics, Stuff to Know and follow up by remembering our Silent Key’s.

We are looking forward to 2017

Read the newsletter here:

HARC Newsletter for 1Q17

HurstARC Repeater Outage

We have known for a while now that we should expect to have our main repeater taken offline for water tower maintenance. The time has now come. We were informed recently that work would start on December 23rd with dismantling our antennas and coax on the TCC water tower. This date has been pushed up one week.

We expected to shift everything to our backup repeater on Saturday December 17, but the City has signed, sealed, and delivered the work orders and the work officially starts December 16th. VP David, KD5YDU, and President Chris, KD5HIY, have taken the main repeater offline and shifted all operations to our backup machine. The main repeater and associated equipment have been removed from the shack for the safety of the equipment during construction. (Accidental falling tools, etc)

What to expect:

  • The 2 meter foot print will be temporarily reduced drastically (hoping for one month, but two is not out of the question)
  • The [backup] repeater will identify as W5HRC/B
  • The repeater should still be able to serve the HEB area as needed, other areas may be on the fringe or non-existent
  • The repeater has an extremely short squelch tail (you may not think you are even making it. (We will tweak it over time))
  • Tone is the same at 110.9 Hz input and output.
  • The backup repeater is a Fusion repeater, so:
    • Input can be either digital or FM
    • Output will always be FM regardless of input

We are excited about the renovations to the water tower and getting our equipment back online. We have plans for our repeaters next year, and many other good things happening.

Information on our repeaters can be requested by emailing: