Technician Licensing Class – March 2018

The time has come again for us to hold our Technician licensing class for those interested in taking the steps to become an Amateur Radio operator. This class is open to all that are interested.

If you are interested, please visit our signup page here. This gives your instructors the information needed to get you started in this great hobby. The information you need to know can be found below:

  • Where: Hurst Fire Station #2, 837 W. Pipeline Road, Hurst Texas 76053. We will be upstairs, in a secured area, so you will need to use the doorbell and someone will come to escort you up.
  • When: March 20th, 22nd, 27th, and 29th, 6:30pm – 9:30pm.
  • Cost: The cost of the class is FREE. There is an expense for the book ($20-$25), plus a $14 VEC exam session fee that does apply.
  • Materials: You will need the following book from W5YI, Amazon, or any other retailer. The price ranges from $20-$25 most places:¬†

We hope to see you there. This is a fun and interactive class that covers all of the theory. It is designed to help you with visualizing the why’s and how’s of ham radio. This class is a supplement to the book, requires that you still study the book. If you do you part in studying, we will do ours in making sure you are ready to pass the Technician level test.

For proper resource allocation and seating arrangements, we will have to limit the class to only those that have registered. We will not be able to accept walk ins, so do not forget to register.

73’s <-(We cover what that means too)

Code Classes Return

We are starting our code classes again. Starting January 27, we begin our beginner class for those that want to learn Morse Code. We will alternate a beginners class every other week.

Staring on February 3rd, we will have our advanced Morse Code class, alternating every other week also. Check out out calendar for what is going on each week.

Mall Watch 2017

Mall Watch 2017 begins on November 24th. All are invited to participate. If you are interested, please view the training below. This slideshow is the presentation given to W5HRC club members on Saturday November 11.

Once you have gone through the training presentation, you can signup for a shift here. We have many shifts you can sign up for, and all hours count towards the Hurst VIA program.

We are looking forward to another great year, and if you have any questions or updates such as not being able to work a shift you signed up for, please email us at .

Signup form: