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Tech Talk – October 2023

Saturday at the EOC

Join the Hurst Amateur Radio Club on Saturday morning October 21st for a technical talk on HF antennas, with a focus on the End Fed Wire.
Join Michael KJ5AJU for this presentation next Saturday. We are providing this tech talk prior to the construction project managed by Paul, W5PFH, next month.

  • We will discuss the major types of HF antennas, including the Dipole,
    Vertical, the Long Wire, and the End Fed Wire.
  • Our construction project will be for a multi-band End Fed Wire, so we
    will focus on its characteristics.
  • Building a Balun will be a part of the project; we will discuss the
    operation of a Balun and its construction.
  • If desired, an autotuner may be used in conjunction with this End Fed
    Wire; we will review the proper use of a tuner with an End Fed Wire.
  • A key final question: Do we need a separate counterpoise or ground
    for the End Fed Wire? We will look at pros and cons.

October 21, 10 to 11 AM, at the Hurst EOC

Check out the event flyer: HF Antennas