New Technician Class from Bedford ARC

The Bedford Amateur Radio Club will be hosting a class for new Technicians at the end of July.  Details below:

The Bedford Amateur Radio Club is hosting an amateur radio technician class training and licensing event on two consecutive Saturdays, July 26th and August 2nd.  The class will be held at Bedford Fire Station #1, Training Room, 1816 Bedford Rd., Bedford from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM both Saturdays.  Testing will be held at 2:00 PM Saturday August 2nd.

This class is open to all individuals interested in obtaining their amateur radio license.  No experience is needed.  The training covers all test questions as well as basic radio and electronics theory.  This is a great opportunity for you to obtain your license and join the ever growing amateur radio community.  This training is especially useful to those of you who have been through CERT, CFA and/or CPA training and/or participate in local VIPS or COPS programs.

Cost of manual is about $20; test fee is $14; no other costs.

To register or for additional information, please contact the instructor, Frank Knox at

Cheers, Frank, KS5F

Field Day Update

We are less than two weeks away from ARRL Field Day 2014 and we’re beginning to make final preparations for the big day.

Field Day 2014 Postcard

For those who wish to participate, we will have a quick meeting on the Monday prior, June 23rd, to conduct a quick site survey, note items of concern, discuss safety gear, and go over antenna and equipment placement. This will be your opportunity to voice suggestions and view the site with other operators as it will be conducted on-site at Chisholm Park at the Bluebonnet Pavilion beginning at 7 PM. Even if you are unable to participate on Field Day we welcome your input and all are welcome.

If you can’t make the meeting or are unable to volunteer as an operator, please come and visit us at Chisholm Park in Hurst, TX on June 28th and 29th at the Bluebonnet Pavilion.



Field Day is fast approaching. Please consider volunteering, we have multiple positions available everything from set up and break down to coordinators for logs and activities. Please feel free to contact Noel Lee or Denise Lucas.

Saturday Group

I spent a few hours up at the EOC yesterday while most everyone was at the Quarterly meeting. There was a small group of us and the conversation topics ranged from work, emergency management, and club history. When I got home my son asked me what I worked on and I told him nothing. He gave me that look he reserves for when Mom doesn’t make sense, and wanted to know what I did if I didn’t have a project I worked on. A smile was on my face when I replied, I had fun.

Tech Talk Video – Amateur Satellites

Special thanks to Keith (W5IU) for his presentation and demonstrations of Amateur Satellites and to Noel KF5SLK for the video:

May Update

The Hurst Amateur Radio Club May business meeting was held this past Monday, May 19th. Please congratulate our new Executive Board and awards recipients:

- The Hurst Amateur Radio Club Member of the Year was Gary KA5KPC.
- The Hurst Amateur Radio Club Operator of the Year was Bub K5BUB.
- The Old Crow was awarded to Mike N5YM.
- A Certificate of Appreciation was given to Chris KE5SBP for his contributions to the club as a frequent visitor.

The 2014-2015 Club Officers are:

- President – Craig N5LNX
- Vice-President – Noel KF5SLK
- Secretary – Denise N5WTK
- Treasurer – Everett KE5ZHU

The (continuing) 2013-2015 Directors are:

- Bub K5BUB
- Mike N5YM
- Tonya K5TGL

The new 2014-2016 Directors are:

- Butch KC5ONZ
- Greg KC5TGF
- Jason KC5HWB

Gene W5KXC was voted as a Lifetime Member for the 35 years he spent as repeater trustee and keeping it running in tip-top shape.

Other club business included updating the membership roster, a new meeting refreshment schedule, and a new net control schedule.

May Meeting reminder

The May meeting of the Hurst Amateur Radio club is tomorrow, Monday May 19th at 7pm at Hurst Fire Station #2. There are a lot of things happening at this meeting as it is the last one of the fiscal year. We’ll have some elections, give out annual awards, and you can even pay your dues for 2014-2015!

If you are interested in bringing refreshments to future meetings or taking a turn at net control, there will be sign-ups for both. If any of your information has changed (callsign, phone, e-mail), it would great if you made sure the roster gets updated for the new year.

We hope to see everyone tomorrow night!


Tech Talk – National Traffic System and Traffic Handling

The complete slide deck, including audio, from the Hurst ARC Tech Talk on the National Traffic System and Traffic Handling is now available for download.

FCC to Reinstate Morse Code Test

NOTE: This was posted on April 1st. It’s not true at all. Well the part about Technicians programming their HT’s is a little true. – 73!

“It was a big mistake eliminating the Morse Code test,” admits FCC official

By Dan Romanchik, KB6NU

Washington, D.C. – April 1, 2014 - Today, the Federal Communications Commission (Commission or FCC) approved Report and Order 14-987af which reinstates the Morse Code test for General Class and Amateur Extra Class licensees. “It was a big mistake eliminating the Morse Code test,” admits Dotty Dasher, the FCC’s director of examinations. “We now realize that being able to send and receive Morse Code is an essential skill for radio amateurs. As they say, it really does get through when other modes can’t.”

Not only will new applicants have to take the test, but General Class licensees who have never passed a code test will have one year to pass a 5-wpm code test. Similarly, Amateur Extra class licensees that never passed a code test will have one year to pass a 13-wpm test. Those amateurs that fail to pass the test will face revocation of their operating privileges. Materials for administering the examinations will be distributed to Volunteer Examiner Coordinators by the end of April, so that they can begin the testing on May 1, 2014.

“This isn’t going to be one of those silly multiple-choice type tests,” noted Dasher. “We’re going to be sending five-character random code groups, just like we did in the old days. And, applicants will have to prove that they can send, too, using a poorly adjusted straight key.”

Technician Class licensees will not be required to take a Morse Code test, nor will a test be required for new applicants. “We discussed it,” said Dasher, “but decided that since most Techs can’t even figure out how to program their HTs, requiring them to learn Morse Code seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.”

When asked what other actions we might see from the FCC, Dasher hinted that in the future applicants taking the written exam may be required to draw circuit diagrams, such as Colpitts oscillators and diode ring mixers, once again. “We’re beginning to think that if an applicant passes an amateur radio license exam it  should mean that he or she actually knows something,” she said.

For further information, contact James X. Shorts, Assistant Liaison to the Deputy Chief of Public Relations for the FCC at (202) 555-1212 or For more news and information about the FCC, please visit


Dan, KB6NU, is the author of the “No-Nonsense” amateur radio study guides and a leading amateur radio blogger. You can find his study guides by going to his blog at You can contact Dan by e-mail at, or, after you pass the test, by CW. Look for him at the bottom of just about any HF band.

5th Sunday Net

This Sunday is the 5th one in the month and that means that our weekly Sunday night net will be on the KM5HT repeater on 442.850 Mhz PL 110.9. That repeater is also available on Echolink as node KM5HT-R (#549691).